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A Care-Years Plan

Check for all known federal government benefit programs available to you

  • The basics federally? -- Have you applied for and are you receiving the 'basic programs' from our federal government? If not, do so immediately, it is a simple process and yet many Canadians neglect to benefit from even the basic programs - some Canadians are not even aware of these 'basics'.note the graph of awareness levels of Canadians (click here) for each of those listed.hopefully you are not one, but if so, ask questions immediately

  • Use the Retirement Calculator developed by the Government of Canada to estimate your income throughout your retirement--this Calculator is in the Government Programs Section of this website with other vital information -- but for quick access, click here - follow the 'continue arrows'

    This is a very useful tool for glimpsing one's retirement future. It allows all of us as Canadians to figure out what will be there from government sources and how much more we might need for our retirement

    The calculator takes you step by step through an estimate of the ongoing income you may receive throughout your retirement from: Old Age Security (OAS); Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or Quebec Pension Plan (QPP); Employer pension(s); Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs); and other sources of ongoing income. The calculator also helps you assess your personal financial situation and helps you decide which steps to take to reach your retirement goals
  • Browse the Government Programs Section of this website as it offers information and links to all of the basic programs available to you or a loved one. It also lists the Regional Offices you may request assistance from in your area should you have questions

  • Browse the Government of Canada Services Guidebook on the programs available, click here

  • The unknowns -- browse this website's "Government Programs" section - the 'direct links section' of Federal Government Programs available and relevant to this care-issue, programs that you or a loved one may be eligible to apply for (e.g. equipments, renovations, volunteer funds....)
    click here
    for home reno programs
    click here for assistive devices and equipments programs
    click here for volunteer funding programs
Check to become familiar with the provincial care-services programs available to you - in your area and/or the area in which a loved one resides

  • Answer the on-line questions posed by the excellent website "Canada Benefits" in order to get a personalized list of benefits for which you may be eligible. click here

  • Browse this website's "Government Programs" section -- be sure to go to the 'direct links section' to seek out your province's available care-services (the links will take you right to home care services for communities which are probably going to be of the most interest to you.) click here

  • Check back at this website periodically as Provincial Government Programs criteria and subsidized cost portions for various programs can and do change (often quarterly). Some programs also disappear depending on budgets of each province

  • If you remain concerned or have questions, contact your local Health Authority/Community Care Access Center/Health Unit and ask to meet with a Community Health Nurse responsible for home care in your area click here

You might want to consider ordering the "Care-Years Planner" package as federal and provincial relevant government websites are directly linked within the disc format of that "Care-Years Planner" for your easy access at all times. The websites are also listed in the print booklet

Both formats come in one package so both are available to you and your family or may be shared for on-going use when a question about a government program arises. For ordering, contact your financial planner or agent to see if they have copies available.

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